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Pupil Premium

At St Martha's we have an area that is called the 'Creation Station'. Pupil Premium funding has meant that we have been able to develop and resource this area so that it can be used by teachers and support staff in order that they can provide specific children with the support that they require. 


The 'Nurture Room' is used daily by trained staff and specific children are allocated a time to complete group activities and spend time in the calm, nurturing environment. 


We have been following the Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS) program and have noticed great improvement in the children's ability to understand their own feelings and talk about them too. The impact of this has been noted across the school, the impact of PATHS on pupils receiving Pupil Premium funding (within a 10 month period) is;

18.5% to 23.2% improvement in Social and Emotional Competence

12.2% to 24.1% improvement in Pro-Social Skills

11.7% improvement in Concentration and Attention


Some comments from the children about PATHS:

"I have enjoyed being Pupil of the Day because it makes me feel special"

"I feel excited and happy because my friends and my teachers say nice things about me"

"PATHS is good because you get a chance to talk about feelings/stuff you would not normally talk about. It has helped me to speak to teachers and not keep it inside"

You can find the latest Pupil Premium Strategy document for 2020-2021 at the bottom of this page.


 Pupil Premium Funding 2019-2020  £37,515
 Use of funding  Cost
 Teaching Assistant intervention + 1-1 support  £30,708
 Contribution for school trips  £375
 Music Tuition  £105
 After school clubs contribution to resources  £2,000
 Learning resources  £3,000
 Creation Station & Nuture Room  £7,195
 Total Expenditure  £43,383


Pupil Premium funding 2018 - 2019
Use of funding Cost
Teaching Assistant intervention + 1-1 support £29,233
Support funding for Residential Trip £147
PATHS/Boxall £180
Contribution for school trips £457
Talk & Toast £26
Music Tuition £263
After school clubs contribution to resources £1,000
Learning Resources £2,500
Creation Station & Nurture Room £7,821
Total Expenditure £41,627



Main barriers to Educational Achievement faced by eligible pupils.

Barrier to learning

Proposed Actions

Evidence of Impact

Low Attendance.

Children with low attendance will be identified and support put into place for them. This will be monitored closely by the class teacher and outside agencies will be involved when needed.

This will be closely monitored alongside the class teacher. Increase of attendance will improve the attainment progress.

Emotional and social wellbeing.

1:1 sessions with Mrs Godfrey.

Group sessions with Mrs Tallon in the Nurture suite or Creation Station.

Children who are identified to need emotional and social wellbeing support will be monitored carefully. Discussions with the class teacher will take place termly as to whether these sessions will need to continue to take place.

Lack of educational stimulus/resources outside the school setting.

Educational trips which provide stimulus for the children outside of the classroom.


Offering children resources that they may not have readily available to them at home.


This will lead to greater focus and progress within the classroom. This will be monitored termly by the teacher.


Extra support in the classroom will take to place to build on their English language and understanding.

Group sessions with Mrs Tallon may also take place.

Children who have been identified with EAL and in need of extra support will be monitored carefully and termly discussions with the class teacher will decide whether these need to continue.


Their academic progress will be evident, especially with writing.