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Letters Home

13th-17th September 2021

Dear Parents,

This week has been your child’s first week in Reception at St Martha’s!

The children are now much more confident in the school routines and expectations. At St Martha’s we take great care in ensuring that every child feels special and unique and knows that they are part of an important team. Although we have two Reception classes (Mrs Child and Mrs Chapman’s Class and Mrs Guyatt’s Class) we work as one unit with all of the children working together and making positive relationships with one another. You may have noticed that your child is getting a little tired, and emotional, this is completely normal as the children are so, so busy during their time at school. But, we are truly so happy with how they have all settled into their new school. It has been a great week of getting to know them.

To remind you, our staff are always available at the start and end of the school day should you have any questions that need answering. Class Dojo is also a great way to ask any questions that you may have, and it’s also where you will be able to see the lovely things that your child has been up to (we add lots of photos). We will also upload information and important dates for your diary.

Please ensure that you send back any paperwork that was sent to you in the post, it’s really important information for us to have on file.

We would be really grateful if you could send in your child’s wellingtons (if you have not already), all children are offered free-flow provision and can choose to go outside whenever they would like to.

We kindly ask if you could please ensure that your child’s clothes have their name on them, we don’t want anyone to misplace a jumper or cardigan.


What have we been doing this week?

This week we have been making sure that all of the children feel safe and confident in the classroom. We have been playing games to make us confident too!

We have started singing songs about numbers, as well as our most favourite nursery rhymes.

This half term we are learning all about ourselves!

We will be talking about our family, our likes and dislikes, we will learn about how to be healthy and safe too. We will learn about our senses and take part in activities that explore our different senses too.

We would really love it if you could send in some family photos (5 maximum please) that you would be happy for us to use in a piece of creative work, and leave at school for the children to look at.

Over the next few weeks we will be observing the changes that are happening during Autumn too. We will have an Autumn table that the children will be able to explore, so should you find any conkers, pine cones, acorns, pretty or interesting leaves, please send them in for us to look at together.

How can you help at home?

  • Spend lots of time talking with your child/children
  • Read lots of books together
  • Play a variety of games- spending lots of time with your child will help them to learn and develop and will encourage sharing and turn taking
  • Encourage your child to take part in activities, such as digging in the garden, cooking at home, visiting interesting places and taking part in sports
  • Use all counting opportunities (Looking for numbers/ shapes in the environment, on doors, on cars, signs, shapes of windows etc)


We also would like to let you know that each child is given a daily snack provided by the school. The snack consists of a piece of fruit or a vegetable and a drink of water or a carton of milk. For this reason we ask that you do not send any snack to school in your child’s book bag, we have to be really cautious of what we have in the classroom due to allergies that children and staff have.


We also kindly ask that your child does not bring any toys from home to school as this can cause issues with sharing and getting precious things lost. We have plenty of toys that the children can access freely throughout the day.


Please find attached to this letter, some ‘Home Learning’, there are a few activities that you may like to do with your child/family. We’d love to see anything that you do, you can send us a photo on Class Dojo, or you can bring it in for us to see next week.


We look forward to seeing you all again next week!


Mrs Child, Mrs Chapman and Mrs Guyatt