Year 2 Letters Home

As we approach our final few days together, I would like to share a poem for your children...

''I'm so proud I was your teacher.

I've watched you learn and grow.

We worked so hard and had such fun.

How fast the time did go!

Our year was interrupted,

and it seemed too soon to part.

Just know that you will always

have a special place

within my heart!''

We are so proud of all the amazing learning and achievements you have done during lockdown and whilst we are so sad our year with you is coming to an end, we know you will be brilliant in year 3!

Should you need anything throughout the Summer holidays or before you start your new adventure with Mrs Shine and Miss Heino, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us...

Miss Curson -

Miss Jackman -

Once again, we thank you for your continued support, stay safe as always and we look forward to when we can see you in school again soon.

Miss Curson and Miss Jackman