Reception Curriculum

Please find attached 'Reception_Early_Learning_Goals' to give you an idea of the skills that children in Reception are expected to develop by the end of the Reception year.

In Reception we teach the children how to read and write using the 'Letters and Sounds' phonics document, this gives us the step by step approach to our phonics teaching. We support the teaching of this with 'Jolly Phonics'- the children are taught the song and action for each of the sounds that we learn.

This half term we are learning all about fairy tales! We will be learning new stories and exploring stories that we already know. We will be exploring this through every area of the Early Years Framework! We will also be learning the about the nativity and celebrating Christmas, in December we will perform our nativity play, it is called 'A Miracle in Town'.

Please click on the link below to see the skills that we will be developing throughout this half term!