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At St Martha’s, our curriculum is central to achieving our school vision:

"Our vision is to create a community based on Catholic faith and values where every child is empowered to be the best he or she can be, nurtured by outstanding teachers, staff and governors."

We strive to provide our pupils a broad and balanced curriculum which is creative, inspiring and challenging, and also provides pupils with the knowledge and skills they need both now and in the future to become confident and successful lifelong learners.

We inspire and foster a love for learning through offering children new and exciting experiences both in the classroom and through extra-curricular activities. The broad range of sporting, artistic and academic opportunities on offer allows children to discover their unique gifts, talents and passions, which in turn build self-esteem, resilience and independence.

At St Martha’s we have designed a thematic structure to our curriculum. We want pupils to feel confident to make links between the knowledge they are acquiring and to be able to use their skills to develop their understanding of key concepts and ideas. To this end we have designed a curriculum based around cross-curricular topics that change each term.

There is good evidence that teaching subject knowledge and skills as part of a wider topic based curriculum allows pupils to make useful links between subjects and different areas of learning and also consolidate skills. We provide a knowledge-rich curriculum which is carefully designed to ensure pupils retain knowledge over the long term through careful sequencing, revisiting key content and regular retrieval practice. Our topic drivers are primarily history and geography. Some subjects need to be taught discretely to maintain subject disciple and ensure pupils acquire the cultural capital they need, but this is organised flexibly based on the specific content at any given time.

Developing children’s reading and spoken language is an integral aspect of teaching and learning across all subjects at St Martha’s. Chances for pupils to read widely and explore vocabulary are embedded at any opportunity. Moreover, we aim to instil a love of reading in our pupils which will last a lifetime.

Through our curriculum we celebrate the diversity of our school community and enable all pupils to acquire the attitudes which give them the resilience to thrive through our curriculum. We also recognise the importance of each and every pupil acquiring the cultural capital they will need to thrive in the future. We inspire pupils to think like scientists, historians etc. by exploring examples of significant human creative and innovative thinking and achievements. Furthermore, it is of crucial importance that pupils can ‘see themselves’ in our curriculum, so we ensure the achievements of those from many different backgrounds are recognised. 

At St Martha’s we believe in order for all children to flourish and ‘be the best that they can be’ they deserve to learn in a nurturing, safe and spiritual environment, routed in mutual respect. We work together in order to promote a supportive, caring and ‘family’ culture where we implement open conversation and help is always at hand without judgement.

As a Catholic school we strive to ensure that the curriculum reflects Christ and the messages of the church. We do this through treating others with respect, supporting each other’s learning and teaching through the Gospels.


This Half-Term's Curriculum by Year Group:

Please click the links above to see what your child will be learning this half-term.

Below you can also find our Curriculum Model which details all of the schools long term planning across each subject.