Please see below a list of all our current Staff here at St Martha's Catholic Primary School.

Executive Head Teacher - Mr A McGovern

Head of School/Designated Safeguarding Lead/SEN - Mrs H Pink

Reception Class Teacher - Mrs L Child (Assistant Head), Mrs H Guyatt

Year 1 Teachers - Ms T McGovern, Mrs K Odell

Year 2 Teachers - Miss N Jackman, Miss L Curson

Year 3 Teachers - Mrs P Shine, Mrs S Chapman

Year 4 Teachers - Mrs S Doherty, Miss J Lowe

Year 5 Teachers - Mr J Kelly, Mrs F McGovern, Mrs C Norwood

Year 6 Teacher - Miss M Annely (Assistant Head)

Reception Learning Support Assistants - Mrs D Mckenna, Mrs N Belcher, Mrs V Fysh, Miss C Walker, Mrs M Doherty

Year 1 Learning Support Assistants - Mrs K Whitmore, Mrs K Reeve, Miss C Easter

Year 2 Learning Support Assistants - Mrs J Loosley, Mrs B Myers, Miss R Taylor, Miss S Calton

Year 3 Learning Support Assistants - Miss J Cooper, Miss N McGovern, Miss M Johnson

Year 4 Learning Support Assistants - Mrs E Antliff, Mrs A Gray

Year 5 Learning Support Assistants - Ms S Brennock, Mrs W Smith, Mrs M Landles

Year 6 Learning Support Assistants - Mrs J Bunting

SEN LSA, Mental health support, Nurture - Mrs N Godfrey, Mrs J Tallon

Parent Support Advisor - Mrs H Spencer

Finance Manager - Mrs C Hayden

School Secretary - Mrs H Bowman

Apprentices - Miss M Dyson, Miss T Fairless

Midday Supervisory Assistants - Miss A Chrominska, Mrs J Carter, Mrs V Fysh, Miss C Gardner, Miss H Woodham, Miss C Perry, Mrs M Doherty, Miss C Arbon, Miss H Norwood, Miss R Taylor, Mrs M Wiltshire.

Caretaker - Mr C Hornigold

Cleaners - Mrs V Fysh, Mrs J Mnaser, Mrs M Rhode, Miss P Guyatt, Mrs M Wiltshire, Mrs H Norwood.