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Welcome Back

Welcome back!

I hope the children were looking forward to coming back to school, they have settled in really well, and it has been fabulous to see all their excited faces.

Thank you to all of you who did LFD tests on your children, as expected we have a fair few children who are positive.

In line with the rest of the country, we are going to do our upmost to remain open as a school and keep the classes open too. The only reason we would have to close a class is if we are unable to staff it, for example if the staff are off with Covid and we are unable to buy in supply staff or there are not enough teachers in other classes to share them.

Please make yourself aware of the requirements for testing (attached)
Before your child returns to school (if it is early release day 8) please can you send through the results of the negative day 6 and 7 LFD results.

We are all praying for an easier January than last year, and that we all keep safe.

Best wishes
Mrs Pink