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Summer is coming!!

It's the final countdown.

8th June 2022

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to the last half term!  I cannot believe how fast this year has gone, we began in September with Covid restrictions still in place and have emerged from that cloud back into the St Martha’s we know and love.

We have a packed last few weeks, which will include the children getting to know their new teachers.  Your child’s new class teacher will contact you at the beginning of next week to let you know who they are and when the parent’s meetings will take place.

End of term reports are also due out this half term, following these you have an opportunity to leave your feedback on a form and if you would like to you can make an additional appointment to meet with your child’s class teacher.

We have staff leaving us at the end of the year, and some staff will be moving year groups.

Mrs Fysh is leaving following the completion of her teacher training, as she has secured a job at  Green Park academy.  We congratulate her and wish her well; she has been at the school for 16 years in a variety of roles!  Year 1 Blue will be taught by Miss Fisher, an experienced local teacher, who did some of her pre-training at St Martha’s 8 years ago.

Mr Hornigold, our caretaker is retiring at the end of term after being at the school for 8 years.  He will be replaced by a site manager, Paul Bowman, who will oversee some of our maintenance and small building works as well as carrying out the caretaker role.

Mrs Hayden (our school support manager) is leaving to go on maternity leave on 1st July, her replacement will be Mrs Dransfield.

Miss Brennock and Miss Lowe are also both going on maternity leave at the end of term, their babies are due in August.

Lastly, Mr Gray who has been covering maternity in year 3 Blue will be leaving us as the job comes to an end.  We hope to see him back some time in the future, and wish him well for his next adventure!

Please see below for the class structure for next year:

Class Structures 2022/2023

EYFS and Key Stage 1


Reception Blue

Reception Yellow

Year 1 Blue

Year 1 Yellow

Year 2 Blue

Year 2 Yellow


Mrs Guyatt

Mrs Child (4 days)

Miss Drake (1 day)

Miss Fisher

Mrs DeLuca

Mrs Chapman (3 days)

Mrs Odell (2 days)

Miss Easter (4 days)

Ms McGovern (1 day)

Support Staff

Mrs Honhold

Mrs McKenna (3 days)

Mrs Whitmore

Mrs Belcher

Mrs Reeve

Mrs Myers



Mrs Defty

Mrs Manser

Mrs Holmes

Mrs Frony O Shea

Mrs McPhearson



Mrs McGovern (2 days)






                                                            Key Stage 2


Year 3


Year 3 Yellow

Year 4 Blue

Year 4 Yellow

Year 5 Blue

Year 5 Yellow

Year 6 Blue

Year 6 Yellow


Mrs Symonds

Miss Jackman

Ms Bredin

Mrs Doherty

Mrs McGovern

Mr Odell

Miss Annely (3 days) Mrs Shine (2 days)

Mr Kelly

Support Staff

Miss Hawes

Mrs Mickulova

Mrs Gray

Miss Arbon

Mrs Landles

Miss Taylor

Mrs Bunting

Mrs Smith


Miss Ethrington

Miss Ethrington

Miss Holmes




Miss Gore



Mrs Doherty








Here are a list of dates for our events in the coming weeks.  Please also see the school website for details of class assemblies and trips. 



  • 9th  Initial Food Festival meeting 3.30
  • 10th  School disco 4.15 -5.15 Reception and key stage 1
  •                                   5.30-6.30 key stage 2
  • 12th  School car boot sale 8.00 am – 1pm


  • 6th Year 6 production 5-6pm
  • 7th Year 6 production 5-6pm

After this we will have a leaving event for Mr McGovern which was postponed from December.  The plan at the moment is to have a bring and share picnic on the field, more details to follow.

  • 11th Sports Day Reception and KS 1 (Rain off day 18th)
  • 13th Sports Day KS 2 (Rain off 19th)
  •             Food Festival (3-5pm)
  • 15th  School Fair (from 3pm)
  • 21st  Year 6 Leaver’s assembly

  We also break up on this day.

I look forward to seeing lots of you over the coming weeks at our events, and wish you a happy and blessed half term.

Best wishes

Mrs Pink