Equality Policy

Policy for Equality of Race and Opportunity

Statement of Values

You are, all of you, sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. All baptised in Christ, you have clothed yourself in Christ, and there are no more distinctions between Jew and Greek, slave and free, male and female, but all of you are one in Christ Jesus

Galatians 3:26 – 29

The Gospel requires us to strive at all times to promote justice for all, to support the weakest and most vulnerable of our brethren, and to oppose all discrimination, be it on grounds of race, colour or creed, national or social origin, gender or disability. A belief in gospel values, therefore, leaves us in no doubt that we should be at the forefront of the movement for justice both as individuals and as a school.

The staff and Governors at St Martha’s believe that within the Church diversity is not a basis for division. The underlying and over-riding principle of our faith in Jesus Christ binds us together in a unifying brotherhood of understanding, love and mutual enrichment. All diversity resulting from age, gender, racial and social origins, culture and practice is regarded as enrichment to our Catholic community. Therefore, no form of discrimination will be accepted.

All members of our community, regardless of their function, status or ability shall be held in equal esteem. Every child is held in equal esteem as a child of God. Their needs are carefully assessed and monitored in the light of their abilities, talents and previous and present experience and their full, appropriate and legal entitlement to high quality educational and spiritual curriculum.

The Catholic Church is uniquely placed to promote racial harmony among the people of God, who freely share a common baptism and are nourished by the same Eucharist. St Martha’s reflects this harmony within our community and promotes it through the following means:

  • Joining together in regular celebration of the Eucharist
  • Preaching the principles of Christ’s Gospel and observing them in the conduct of the school
  • Confirming the Christian message of equality for all in the sight of God, and the obligation of support to those of the community who are weakest and in most need
  • Being alert to any incidence of racial or other prejudice by pupils or others
  • Regularly reviewing teaching materials to ensure they are free from racial or other prejudice or attitudes
  • Ensuring all pupils have equal entitlement to the curriculum
  • Encouraging pupils to share and benefit from the culture and practice of other nations
  • Using material from different national origins and histories in order to ensure an awareness of a whole-world curriculum
  • Preparing pupils to take their place in a multi-cultural and multi racial society

Policy Practice


In accordance with the Bishop’s guiding principles, the school regularly reviews curriculum provision to ensure that opportunities are provided to promote equality and harmony. Resources are also monitored to ensure their appropriateness.


As the Admissions Authority the Governors follow the criteria outlined in the school’s prospectus. Children who are admitted to the school and their families are made fully aware of the aims and objectives of the church and St Martha’s Catholic Primary School through the prospectus and supplementary form, and are required to support them.

Recruitment of Staff

Applicants for posts at St Martha’s shall not be discriminated against on the grounds of age, gender, ethnic origin, disability or marital status. Qualification, experience and suitability to the proper discharge of relevant duties are the principles on which appointments are made. However, the Governors seek to appoint practising Catholics and that no one should be recruited to the service of St Martha’s Catholic Primary School unless they are fully aware of the aims and objectives of the school, and will uphold and implement these values.


It is the Headteacher’s role to implement this policy and is supported by the Governing Body in doing so. It is their responsibility to ensure that all staff are aware of the school’s policy for Equal Opportunity and Statement of Anti-Racism, and that teacher’s apply the guidelines fairly in all situations. The Headteacher treats all incidents of unfair treatment and any anti racist incidents with due seriousness.

The Governors ensure that no child is discriminated against whilst at St Martha’s on account of their religion, sex or race. They ensure that all children have access to the full curriculum. The Governing Body will in its annual report make reference to arrangements made for disabled pupils.

Anti-Racism Statement

St Martha’s Catholic Primary School and will not tolerate any kind of racist behaviour.

Should a racist incident occur, the school will act immediately to prevent any repetition of the incident.

All racist incidents are recorded according to the guidelines in Norfolk LEA’s document ‘Anti-Racist Education’.

All racist incidents are reported to the LEA, parents and the Governing Body.

Staff and Governors will review the effectiveness of the Policy for Equality of Race and Opportunity, including the Statement of Anti Racism, annually.

Reviewed: January 2015