Accessibility Plan

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a community based on Catholic faith and values where every child is empowered to be the best he or she can be, nurtured by outstanding teachers, staff and governors.

St Martha’s Catholic Primary School Accessibility Plan 2017 - 2020





Goals Achieved

Ensure increased access for disabled pupils is maintained as new pupils join.

Consult with staff and governors

· Results incorporated into building & development plans as necessary.


· New access areas

All staff to receive disability equality awareness training

· Ensure staff induction procedures include reference to disability equality issues.

· Seek training provider for disability equality awareness training.

· Areas for training identified

· Induction procedures updated

· Training takes place

Sept 2019

Staff team awareness raised and staff better prepared to increase access to curriculum and building

Availability of written materials in alternative formats.

School makes itself aware of services available through LEA for converting written materials into alternative formats.

When needed the school provides written materials in alternative formats.

Annually as appropriate

Delivery of information to disabled pupils improved.

Revisit training for teachers on differentiating the curriculum.

differentiation in subjects

Teachers planning shows lessons are differentiated

On going planning

Continued access to the National Curriculum for all pupils

School plans to improve access to remaining designated areas over successive financial years as required.

Planned use of minor capital delegated resources and discussion with Diocese

School’s entry areas, will be fully accessible.

Financial year 2017 2020

Physical accessibility of school increased.