At St. Martha’s, our curriculum follows the National Curriculum and reflects our school vision. We plan alongside the children and allow the content under our curriculum framework to be flexible to the children’s curiosity and wonder in their learning. Our curriculum is taught in an integrated way so that subjects overlap in a broad and balanced way. Through careful discussions with the children at key points in their learning, we can assess and evaluate learning in an ongoing way and adapt future plans. As a result, the curriculum enriches the spiritual, social, moral and cultural aspects of our school day and our children are articulate, well-behaved and leave us with a life-long love of learning.

Our curriculum aims are that every child will be able to:

  • Express themselves clearly and confidently in both speech and writing and develop a real love of reading, enabling them to be an enthusiastic, responsible and knowledgeable reader;
  • Use and apply mathematical concepts in practical tasks, in real life problems and within mathematics itself in an increasingly comprehensive way;
  • Develop an awareness of the role and importance of science in everyday life and be able to investigate and explore in order to learn;
  • Be able to apply and use information technology and design technology relevantly in appropriate areas throughout the whole curriculum;
  • Appreciate his/her environment and heritage through historical and geographical study;
  • Enjoy and develop creative talents and skills in drama, art, craft and music;
  • Develop physical skills through both organised and free activities, as an individual and as a member of a team.

This Half-Term's Curriculum by Year Group:

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