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Admissions Form

This form is used to collect the information required to enable us to allocate places if the school is oversubscribed, according to the criteria listed in our Admissions Policy .

You must also complete the Norfolk County Council school admissions form.

For First Admissions, it should be returned to the school by 15th January 2021 with any supporting documentation (please see below). If you do not complete and return this form by this date, your application will be deemed to be LATE, and your application will be considered after those received on time.

Type of Application
Child's Gender*

Please tick the box / boxes relevant to your application. This information enables us to operate our Admission Policy.

Tick all that apply*

Within each of the categories listed above, the following provisions will be applied in the following order.

The attendance of a sibling at the school at the time of enrolment will increase the priority of an application within each category so that the application will be placed at the top of the category in which application is made see note 8.
Remaining priority will be determined within each category by random allocation, which will be carried out independently by the local authority.
For purposes of clarification, parents should note that the School includes step brothers and step sisters who live at the same address as brothers or sisters.

All parents MUST complete the school’s Supplementary Information form, which is available from the school. This MUST be received by the School together with accompanying documentation by 15th January 2020.

If the Supplementary Information is not received by the school by this date, the application will be deemed to be LATE and be considered AFTER those Supplementary Information forms received on time.

Failure to complete a Supplementary Information form will mean that your application cannot be measured against the policy because of lack of information and will be considered to be in category 8.

* The designated area is The King’s Lynn Deanery (St Wilfrid) – Dereham, Downham Market, Hunstanton, Kings Lynn, Swaffham, Wisbech.

We must receive these documents by 15th January 2020 in order to consider your application:

Criteria 1) copy of statement of SEN naming St Martha’s. Attached?
Criteria 2) and 4) copy of child’s Baptism Certificate. Attached?
Criteria 7) copy of child’s Baptism Certificate . Attached?