Year 6 Curriculum

Subject Objective  
English Reading:
A Monster Calls ,
  • reading books that are structured in different ways and reading for a range of purposes,
  • checking that the book makes sense to them, discussing their understanding and exploring the meaning of words in context,
  • drawing inferences such as inferring characters' feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions, and justifying inferences with evidence,
  • identifying how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning,
  • retrieve, record and present information from non-fiction.
English Writing:

  • -cious and –tious, 
  • -cial and –tial, 
  • -ant –ance and –ancy, 
  • -ent, -ence and –ency, 
  • -able and –ible, 
  • -ably –ibly.
  • synonyms and antonyms, 
  • bullet points, 
  • active and passive voice, 
  • colons,
  • narrative descriptions and non-chronological reports,
  • Numbers to 10,000,000, 
  • rounding, 
  • negative numbers, 
  • addition and subtraction, 
  • multiplication and division, 
  • order of operations.
Science Evolution and Inheritance
RE The Big Question: If the Kingdom of God were a village, what would it be like?
  • Archery
  • swimming (for those working towards swimming 25m) or orienteering
  • Researching, designing, making and evaluating bridges.
  • e-safety (age restrictions)

  • Make You Feel My Love
  • - finding pulse, rhythm and pitch,
  • - work as a band/ensemble,
  • - improvisation and composing within a song,
  • - understand and use the first five notes of the scale.